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Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival
Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival
October 7


Youtube Videos & Workshops

We have been conducting workshops for some time at our village. These workshops were filmed by Joe Townend. Here are brief descriptions and direct links to the youtube video.

To be notified of upcoming workshops join our meetup group http://www.meetup.com/Sustainable-Tucson-Eco-Village-Group

Flexible Form Rammed Earth Superadobe Workshop

One of our most comprehensive classes was initially conducted starting in September 2013. This is a 5 part series of paid workshops that was well attended and produced the start of our first flexible form ramed earth dome. Follow the links directly to youtube

"Codes, Engineering, Tools, Setting up the Design, Site Prep & The Foundation" is half classroom and multimedia and half actually starting the foundation and prep work by filling some of the bags and starting the building. Building with earth workshop part 1 of 5

Last week we started on the foundation. This week we finish sandbag construction and contiune with how to use continuous bag “Tubes.” There are 5 classes and each is more or less a stand alone in that each will review what happened in the last class and where we are going. So even if you make even one class, you will get the complete EBook. Building with earth workshop part 2 of 5

Laying the foundation

Big progress

We are just starting to come out of the ground. Some of the students are having so much fun they are coming back during the week and continuing the work of building "Sanctuary." This Sunday, 15th, will be class number three Building with earth workshop part 3 of 5
Building with earth workshop part 4 of 5
It is starting to look like a "place" thanks to all the wonderful students. Come and see our progress and get more hands on experience. Building with earth workshop part 5 of 5

May 2014 Papercrete inside dome and Composting toilet progress

Dr. Sam shows how to apply a papercrete mixture as an interior
plaster on our earth bag dome project structure and foundation of the composting toilet structure. Earth Bag Dome Interior

Dome Greenhouse and Living System

Samuel Breidenbach describes the new dome system with living space, greenhouse, aquaponics and earth-based cooling and heating. Dome Living System

Greenhouse Dome Frame Assembly

Dave Burleigh and Samuel Breidenbach Ph.D.,show how to assemble the frame for this greenhouse dome. EMT or electrical metallic tubing made of steel was used for the struts. Greenhouse Dome Frame Assembly

Dome Greenhouse Update

Dave Burleigh shows off the 23' diameter dome frame and the new circular doorway. He also demonstrates centering the structure. Dome Greenhouse Update

Greenhouse update

The 32' greenhouse dome is repurposed. Dave & Samuel describe how the new 32' dome has been redesigned as a demonstration of living space. Incorporating an 8' deep "cellar" under the dome will provide conditioned space year arround. Living dome

New Greenhouse

Dave & Samuel describe the new greenhouse / aquaponics system built from inexpensive 6 mil plastic & 20' x 3/4" PVC staked with rebar. For less than $200 we built a greenhouse that kept talapia all winter. Other plants including Moringa are also kept in the greenhouse. New Greenhouse

Easy Aquaponics System

This small, inexpensive and easy aquaponics system is explained by Samuel Breidenbach at the Tucson Tortolita Eco Village. Easy Aquaponics System

Build an Aquaponic Tank to Grow Fish and Plants

Samuel Breidenbach Ph.D. shows how to use an inexpensive IBC (Intermodal Bulk Container) to grow fish and plants. Aquaponic Tank to Grow Fish and Plants

Plant and protect Moringa Trees

Dr. Sam shows how to plant a Moringa tree and protect your garden area from predators with fencing. Plant a Moringa Tree

Food Forest Tree Planting

Dr. Samuel shows and tells how to start a food forest by strategic planting of date palm, jojoba and willow. Reveals secret growing ingredients and water treatment to get great results fast. Food Forest Tree Planting

Starting a Desert Food Forest and Preparing for Heat

Samuel Breidenbach Ph.D. explains the principles of smart water use in the dry Sonoran Desert area of Southern Arizona west of Tucson. Starting a Desert Food Forest and Preparing for Heat

Planning a Desert Food Forest

Samuel Breidenbach Ph.D. is interviewed by Maria Ho-Fung. He explains how the local desert rainfall is adequate if the water is directed into a permaculture style food forest. Planning a Desert Food Forest

TTEV Introduction and Yurt Gazebos

Dr. Samuel Breidenbach explains the land and the vision for a sustainable, permaculture-based project in Tucson, Arizona. The land has been obtained and building will begin soon. Introduction and Yurt Gazebos

TTEV Land Features and Sustainability Plans

Samuel Breidenbach Ph.D describes the land by the Tucson Tortolita Eco Village. He explains the need to focus on permaculture and sustainability as keys for long-term success. Land Features and Sustainability Plans

Tucson Eco Village #1 Tour

A quick tour of our Eco Village site in Tucson, AZ area. Beautiful land. We're just getting started with fencing, paths and fixing up some temporary structures. Some new earth-bag construction dwellings should be going up soon. Tucson Eco Village #1

Train Your Inner Dragon

In this video Samuel introduces a new series of lectures and video intended to teach students about the inner dragon and its relationship to self and living as a human being not a human doing. Inner Dragon Intro

U of A Student Workshops

On Saturday February 7th we hosted a workshop for a group of U of A students and their instructor with several hands on sustainable building modules. We recorded the workshop and have posted it here in three parts. Making papercrete blocks - Sanctuary with Flexible Form Rammed Earth - Making a Composting Toilet


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